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Thorough Inspections of “Exterior Elevated Elements” (EEE's)

At Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC we have over 60 years of combined experience offering comprehensive deck and balcony inspections. When the senate passed a new bill, SB 721, commonly referred to as the “Deck and Balcony Inspection” bill in 2018, we immediately went to work to create an inspection that follows the guidelines laid out in this bill.

This bill requires all multi-family buildings with three or more dwelling units and Exterior Elevated Elements (EEE's) in California to have a mandatory inspection every 6 years. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the safety of the exterior elevated elements to reduce the danger to any inhabitants.

“Exterior Elevated Elements" - The following types of structures, including their supports and railings: Balconies, decks, porches, stairways, walkways, and entry structures that extend beyond exterior walls of the building and which have a walking surface that is elevated more than six feet above ground level, are designed for human occupancy or use and rely in whole or in substantial part on wood or wood based product for structural support of stability.

Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC is a licensed deck and balcony inspection company. Contact us at (818) 957-4654 to discuss how you can adhere to the new bill.

We will ensure your property is up to the standards required by the bill to keep your tenants safe and your investment sound.

For additional information please see links:

SB 721 Text

Synopsis of Senate Bill (SB) 721.

Contact our EEE pros at (818) 957-4654 to set up a deck and balcony inspection in Los Angeles today.

RISK Assessment® Report

This one-of-a-kind report stands for “Reliable Inspection for Systems Knowledge.” It is a five year breakdown which sequences the costs for the buyer. This report establishes the useful life and replacement costs of the five major systems in any commercial property. These systems include structure, roof, plumbing, electrical, heating & air. These reports specify the current conditions of your building and details the costs to expect in the next five years.

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