Common Roofing Problems Found in Commercial Properties

Written by: Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC

The Leading Issues Affecting Commercial Roofs in California

Owning a commercial property can be extraordinarily profitable, but it can also be a money pit if problems arise. One of the most common problems with commercial buildings is the roof. Roofs are battered year-round. In California, they can be subject to harsh winds, pounding rains, and extreme heat. 

At Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC, we perform nearly 1000 inspections each year. Our commercial property inspectors have extensive experience investigating and identifying problems. Our assessments can help you determine the best course of action in order to avoid expensive repairs. If you are considering purchasing, selling, or leasing a commercial building in Southern California, contact our office at (818) 957-4654 to book your inspection today.

Our inspections can help detect a number of potential issues including 5 of the most common roofing problems found in commercial properties:

1. Leaks

Leaks are every property owner's worst nightmare. One leak can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage, if not more. It is not only the roof itself that may need to be replaced or repaired but also anything that the leaking water came into contact with. Leaks often cause damage to walls, flooring, and other materials inside the building. 

While leaks can have many causes, inadequately installed or damaged flashing is often a factor. Flashing refers to the flat, thin piece of metal installed on roofs to help prevent water intrusion. When it fails, leaks are inevitable.

2. Poor or Improper Installation

In addition to poorly or improperly installed flashing, a lack of installation is also a common problem on commercial roofs throughout California. Substandard installation can cause significant problems, including leaks or collapse.

A commercial real estate inspection can help determine whether the roof and its supports were properly installed or if they may be prone to damage in the future.

3. Inadequate Maintenance

As with any part of a commercial structure, the roof requires consistent care. Neglecting roof maintenance can result in unnecessary wear and tear. It can also affect the integrity of the roof itself. Routine inspections can help ensure that there is no damage from wind, rain, or other elements. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your roof and help avoid disasters.

4. Pooling Water

Unlike many residential properties which have pitched or sloped roofs, most commercial buildings have flat roofs. Flat roofs are susceptible to pooling water if there are not proper drains installed or they are clogged.

5. Blow-Offs

Santa Ana winds and winter storms can cause a roof or the shingles to blow off. Blow-offs can be costly, particularly if the damage affects a large portion of the roof. An inspection can help determine any vulnerabilities in the roof and may help avoid expensive repairs. 

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