It's All About What You Don't See

Written by: Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC

It would seem that anyone could walk around and look at the walls, ceiling, and flooring, turn on the lights, start up the HVAC system, walk on the roof, and flush the toilets. So why pay someone to do what you can do? It’s because it’s all about what you DON’T see. And, you don’t want to be surprised by what you didn’t see after you buy the building!

What We've Found In Our Inspections

During an inspection of a new apartment building, I noticed some minor cracks in the tiles of the showers. Upon closer examination, it appeared that the tiles had been glued to the wall's surface. This is not a proper application. It all had to be torn out and redone.

Another example was the roof of a new office building. When I got up on it, I noticed that the roofing had some wrinkles in it. To an inexperienced person, this may look sloppy, but of no real significance. However, this actually voided the manufacturer’s warranty!

We’ve also seen buildings containing electrical panels and gas furnaces that have been recalled. The list goes on and on.

Importance of Hiring An Experienced Inspector

The experience level of the inspector is what makes the difference in the quality of the inspection. And by the way, this includes the advantage that an experienced contractor with a background in the construction trades knows how easily and inexpensively some of these issues can be corrected.

We did an inspection where roofers were looking at the roof and recommending thousands of dollars of possible work to be done. I had my roofer look at it and he agreed with me that, while the roof was not really done right by the original contractor, correcting it so that it did not leak would only cost a few hundred dollars and certainly did not require ripping off and replacing the entire roof.

The smart money pays a pro to see what he sees. It’s cheap insurance; believe me. You can be assured that an inspection done by Commercial Real Estate Inspectors will be done to professional standards by an inspector who knows what he’s looking at.

Remember…it’s all about what you DON’T see!

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We hope this helps.

Bob Pace

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