What Happens When the Buyer is NOT Present at a Commercial Property Inspection?

Written by: Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC

We have always stressed the importance of being present at the time of the property inspection or at least to have a qualified representative there. Why? This is your chance to go over what the inspector found and have him show you what he is referring to. When you are not there you miss out on the chance to personally discuss your areas of concern with a professional.

One reason we hear for not showing up at the inspection is: “But it’s a new building!”.


Here are just a few examples of what we have found in newly constructed buildings:

  1. An HVAC that was reverse wired making it impossible to turn the system on.
  2. Plumbing lines to toilets that were installed incorrectly causing them to leak when the water is turned on.
  3. Roof flashing incorrectly installed thus creating potential leaks in a new roof.

What Inspectors Check For

Experienced, professional inspectors look at just about everything. They get on the roof if possible, test plumbing, electrical, heating, and AC units, if accessible, walk the site, look at the structure, windows, doors, bathrooms, and on and on. A good physical inspector will look at 300 – 500 different items depending on the site. Being present allows you to ask questions and gain a much broader understanding of where the property stands and what needs immediate attention.

When the inspector recommends further investigation of specific areas you will know exactly why. A good general inspection gives the buyer most of the data needed to get a good feel for the shape the property is in and covers the most important aspects of the site. Those aspects are the plumbing, electrical, heating and AC, roofing and the structure.

Though they are quite detailed and comprehensive, general real estate inspections are not intended to be technically exhaustive.The general physical inspection is like going to the doctor and getting a good, thorough general physical. It may show that some further testing is advised due to what is found. The general inspection is very similar. It looks at the whole from an educated eye and years of experience. The likelihood of missing anything major is very slight. For the money spent it is wonderful insurance.

I strongly recommend you take the time to be present at the time of the inspection; this is your chance to ask your questions at the site and really find out what you are buying.

Our RISK Assessment® will give you a good understanding of the site and how long the systems will last, what needs immediate attention and what you can expect to pay over the next five years for each system.

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