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Your commercial property needs to be entirely up-to-code. Otherwise, you could get fined large fees by a municipal agency. In a worst-case scenario, a building defect could even put the structure in jeopardy and require reconstruction to fix.

At Commercial Real Estate Inspectors, LLC, we help businesses like yours and commercial property owners like you make certain their properties are structurally sound and up-to-code. Each year, our team completes about 1,000 property inspections throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, including Long Beach. Our extensive experience and training become your advantage when you hire our professional eyes to come inspect your property.

  • A few reasons why you should choose us to perform your property inspection:
  • 30+ years of total experience
  • Reports sent to you quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours
  • Insured and trained commercial real estate inspectors
  • Availability and connectivity – prompt responses to questions

Do your commercial property a favor by having a trusted, experienced team of Long Beach commercial real estate inspectors check it out. You will be glad you did.

Call (888) 277-2716 or contact us online to arrange a property inspection today.

Intricate Commercial Property Inspections

There is no such thing as paying too much attention to detail when it comes to performing a commercial property inspection. Our highly trained professionals know what to look for, where, and why when conducting an inspection service for any sort of commercial property. If there is a problem that could pose as a code violation, or even put yourself or your tenants in danger, then you can trust in us to find it.

We offer our services to a wide variety of commercial properties, such as:

  • Office complexes
  • Housing complexes
  • Educational facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Medical facilities

If you have a commercial property, then we have the training and tools needed to inspect it, top-to-bottom, front-to-back. Our comprehensive inspection services at competitive prices have made us local favorites since we opened our doors in 2006.

  • Three of our most commonly requested commercial property inspection services are:
  • Multifamily property inspections: Do you own or manage an apartment, condo, or townhouse complex? There are a lot of families depending on you to give them a safe place to call home. Our team can perform a total inspection of your multifamily property, including a look at plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roofing equipment, among other critical areas.
  • Sewer line inspections: A problem with the sewer line under your commercial property can rapidly become a catastrophe if it goes unaddressed for long. We use state-of-the-art tools to perform sewer line inspections in complex commercial plumbing systems. If we spot any issues like root intrusion, cracks, rusts, or grease clogs, we will let you know.
  • Property condition assessments: The overall physical condition of your commercial property needs to meet accepted baselines set in municipal coding laws and regulations. Our property condition assessment services are the go-to solution to help make certain you are meeting all of those requirements.

We Handle Home Inspections, Too!

Although we are most commonly called upon by commercial property owners in Long Beach, we do offer residential property inspections as well. Our comprehensive home inspections look at everything from HVAC systems and plumbing to pools and window frames.

Within about 3 hours for the average-sized house, we will have carefully inspected all parts of your home for signs of defects or trouble. About 48 hours after that, we send you a RISK Assessment® report, which tells you about any serious issues that need attention now and what you can expect to pay in necessary maintenance for your home in the next five years. This service is a must for anyone who is buying, selling, or listing a home on the market.

Schedule a service with our Long Beach real estate inspectors. Call (888) 277-2716 at any time.

We Deliver What We Promise

  • We Provide Free Unique RISK Assessment® Reports With Every Inspection
  • Our Inspectors Carry Professional Liability Insurance
  • We Have Over 30 Years Of Collective Experience Under Our Belts
  • Thousands Of Successful Inspections Performed

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